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Going through divorce is a major trauma. As someone who specializes in addressing trauma, I am well versed in treatment approaches that are quick acting and effective. In addition, I equip my clients with powerful self-help and management strategies.

I have been providing my clients quick symptom relief and comprehensive healing for more than 30 years. This followed my graduation from Fordham University in 1980. During that time I have specialized in dealing with trauma via implementation of alternative treatment approaches that expedite one’s ability to heal. Going through a divorce certainly represents a trauma. As such, I had become the primary referral source for the Long Island Rail Road, TWA, and America Airlines. I had also been intimately involved in the World Trade Center Tragedy. One such approach, Havening, can actually provide the individual with significant relief in as few as two sessions. Another modality, the Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy, is a wonderfully supportive approach that is more comprehensive in nature. This allows the individual an opportunity to gain clarity and help prevent them from making repeatedly poor choices, particularly in terms of a partner.

During my career, I have also become certified as an alcohol and drug abuse counselor as well as being certified in anger management and trained in domestic violence. Each of the preceding areas can be significant in terms of affecting the marital relationship. This background has allowed me an advantage related to working individually with spouses. As such, I have been requested to perform evaluations related to one partner’s fitness to parent and needless to say, provide treatment.

Another area of strength for me has pertained to my involvement with children. This began prior to my becoming a therapist when I had worked as a child care worker and then a teacher. I subsequently had a 26-year career in the Department of Education where I was a school social worker providing counseling to children from kindergarten through high school. I have always been seeing children and adolescents via my private practice. I have also become quite knowledgeable regarding parenting as I had benefitted from attending a program of the same and subsequently had first-hand exposure.

In summary, my broad background in terms of counseling and training allows me to be well suited to helping individuals and their families expedite the healing process related to separation and divorce. I would welcome your reaching out to me so that I can convey how helpful I can be in working with yourself and loved ones.

16 East 40th Street , Ste 1001, New York City, New York 10016, United States
  • Stress Solutions of Long Island / Apex Counseling
  • Bill Solz LCSW, CASAC– Director – OASAS Approved
16 East 40th Street , Ste 1001, New York City, New York 10016, United States
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