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One-on-one and group coaching programs designed to help you face divorce fearlessly. If you are: struggling with overwhelm anxious and stressed confused by the process unsure who to trust afraid of the pain, sadness and loneliness worried you won't get what you are entitled to want a better understanding of the process want more control over your life worried about the emotional effects on your children burdened with escalating legal fees not sure where to turn for help Then our programs will help you: learn how to compartmentalize your emotions shift your mindset upgrade your coparenting, decision-making and financial planning skills increase your earning potential minimize your legal fees position yourself as sole head of your household reduce the emotional damage to your children communicate efficiently with your lawyer communicate effectively with your ex-spouse embrace your new single status create a happy, healthy, successful new life you can’t wait to live

How my own long, painful divorce led me to become a divorce coach. For your free download, click here:


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  • One-on-one divorce coaching via phone or Skype
  • Group coaching via phone -- your identity is protected
  • Various programs for all investment levels


Monday through Friday 9:00 am -5:00 pm (Eastern) Saturday 10 am -1:00 pm (Eastern)


Jersey City, NJ
Highly recommend Victoria

Victoria is an incredible coach. When I met her I was overwhelmed, struggling to survive, paralyzed to take the steps to file for divorce, and emotionally distraught. She helped me regain my power back and take control of my situation. She helped me find an amazing attorney and helped me navigate the divorce process. Because of her I saved a lot of money that could've been spent on attorney fees. She was always available any time of the day 24x7. Victoria helped me get my life back. I cannot thank her enough and I would highly recommend her.

November 2018

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