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I get trying to divorce a narcissistic spouse, the frustration, the anger that feels like hate. You deal with abuse in the financial and legal arena. I even know how long broken bones take to heal from that spouse.

I spend a lot of time working with men going through the divorce prosess but I also work with women. I find that men have less support going through the divorce proces. I also know first hand how hard it is for a man to understand the abuse no less admit it.
My father was almost killed three times by his abusive wife shooting at him and then driving over him with his pickkup.

I have walked the path with many men and women that have been in abusive relationships as they strat walk through and even on the other side of the divorce. It's a hard road and when you are dealing with a narcissistic personality it's longer and harder.

Divorcing a narcissistic personality is not something that should be done alone. You need support! I am here and very cabable of helping you walk down this very difficult path. I'm here to help you get to the other side, the side of peace and freedom. The side that gives you back your strength again. I can also help you save money in the process and at the same time helping any legal professional do their best job!

7665 AR Highway 7 N., Harrison, Arkansas 72601, United States
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August 01, 2021
I Wish
I wish I had used Tina’s services when I was in the process of preparing and pursuing my divorce. It would have saved me over $10,000 in unnecessary attorney fees and provided me a better perspective on what I was allowed to ask for. Her insights would have allowed me to make better decisions in the divorcing process and about what I could be considered agreeable terms in the separation agreement. - Ana
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7665 AR Highway 7 N., Harrison, Arkansas 72601, United States