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What if you could get divorced in half the time of your average divorce? If you could avoid family court? Imagine the time, money and emotional stress that you and your family would save. At Synergy Divorce Solutions, we make this idea a reality.

Synergy Divorce Solutions answers the most important question in divorce, "Am I going to be okay moving forward?" We assist spouses with divorce planning, financial mediation and settlement analysis services. Using a unique team approach to divorce, as well as graphic analyses and reports, we strengthen settlement cases from a financial perspective. Our goal is to protect the financial security of divorcing spouses by equitably dividing their marital property OUTSIDE OF COURT, saving our clients time, money, and emotional stress. This also sets spouses up for a prosperous future after divorce.

My name is Steven Bryant, and I'm a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® as well as founder of our firm. I encourage you to reach out and talk about how we can assist you in the divorce process.

1997 Annapolis Exchange , Suite 300, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, United States
  • Most of our clients avoid family court
  • On average, our clients divorce in half the time
  • We use analytics to make equitable settlement offers
2 Reviews
Katie Renehan
May 20, 2018
Wonderful experience
I initially was incredibly stressed when my husband and I decided to split ways. I felt so in the dark and unsure about what steps to take to move forward. Finding Synergy Divorce Solutions and working with Steven really helped put me at ease. It made a normally uncomfortable process so much easier. He was in constant contact with me, making sure every single thing was in place. He really works with you; you can tell he cares a lot about what he does. Highly recommend!
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Cherie Morris
May 10, 2018
Get the Financial Answers You Need!
Steven is highly professional and has a friendly demeanor. This combination of traits, as well as his professional financial expertise, makes him a terrific resource in Separation and Divorce. When you are contemplating or in the midst of divorce and want to know where you are likely to end up financially, Steven will give you clear answers. He works with you to understand your goals and will modify results based on your targets, negotiations and personal needs. Don't be fooled by ordinary financial planners who tell you they can help when they really just want your money post-divorce. Call Steven and get the answers you need!
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1997 Annapolis Exchange , Suite 300, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, United States