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Certified real estate divorce specialist® and certified divorce coach®, Kira is dedicated to helping people “move on” in a conscious, clear and compassionate way. She works predominantly with clients who are going through some major life transition, whether that's a divorce, remarriage, relocation, or loss of a loved one. In addition to her degree in psychology, Kira also has a formal interior design education. She is a graduate and past board member of the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID), as well as a past member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Prior to going into real estate in 2006, Kira worked for various top architects and interior designers, such as Peter Pennoyer, Katie Ridder, and James Bodnar. Kira's knowledge of marketing extends beyond your traditional property campaigns, as she founded and published two design magazines: "To the Trade" and "Elements of Living", and was the editorial director of the McGraw Hill book series under the Elements of Living brand. Additionally, she's authored various books, including "Big Home, Big Challenge" and "Divorce: Taking the High Road". Her divorce coaching background plays a major factor in providing superior service to her clients. In addition to her expertise in design and real estate, the coaching adds a host of additional skills -- helping to manage big emotions, specific knowledge of the divorce process, connections to a network of divorce professionals: attorneys, mediators, financial advisors, CPAs, CDFAs, etc. Kira sells mostly high-end real estate, with her average price point in the $2 to $5 million range, but she is open to helping anyone whose facing a change of circumstances. With her extensive background, experience, knowledge, and network, Kira can help support, protect, educate, and nurture you through this time of upheaval and change. As a bonus to her clients, Kira hosts various in-person events throughout the year in the Los Angeles area, as well as the occasional remote workshop online. These events and workshops are full of free information about the divorce process as it pertains to real estate, as well as other topics, such as protecting your finances, empowering your children, designing a new space to reflect your new life, etc. As a divorce coach & real estate expert, Kira provides support and guidance for her clients as they transition from unhappily married, to happily single. She specializes in working with people who would like to divorce with clarity and compassion, and redefine their new happily ever after.


11601 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 104
Los Angeles, California 90025
United States

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  • Certified Divorce Real Estate Specialist®
  • Certified Divorce Coach®
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent since 2006 (License # 01522243)
  • Realtor®
  • Past member of ASID
  • Past board member of NYSID
  • Degrees from the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID), and Pitzer College
  • Graduate of the CDC College for Divorce Coaching®
  • Worked for various architects/interior designers: Peter Pennoyer, Katie Ridder, and James Bodnar
  • Author of "Big Home, Big Challenge"
  • Co-author of the best selling "Divorce: Taking the High Road"
  • Founder of two interior design magazines: "To the Trade" and "Elements of Living"
  • Editorial Director of McGraw Hill book series under the Elements of Living name.
  • Rookie of the Year/Member of Estates Division/Agent Leadership Council (Keller Williams)

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