Dr. Juliet Cooper

7 East 85th Street, Suite 1A, New York, New York 10028, United States


With warmth and compassion, I am dedicated to supporting each member of the family through the challenges presented by divorce. As a licensed psychologist, I have extensive experience helping children and adults with an emphasis on co-parenting.

During challenging times it can be hard to ask for help, yet support and guidance can greatly increase the likelihood of divorcing with dignity. As a licensed psychologist, I have worked extensively with families to help navigate this transition. Understanding divorce as a process that takes time and patience is an important mindset. You will encounter bumps along the way that will eventually lead to a smoother path. It is natural to want to move quickly along this path and put divorce behind you, but having realistic expectations will lead to a more desirable outcome.

I am committed to working with families in a variety of ways to help manage the stress of divorce. Supporting parents early on to strengthen their alliance to co-parent effectively is paramount to my work. When separation is managed well by parents, children can move on in their lives with minimal harm. Ongoing adult conflict is what is most detrimental to a child’s development and well-being. I educate parents in understanding their children’s developmental needs and how best to meet them. We will focus on the key elements that are helpful for families to achieve a smooth transition during the course of divorce.

At times children need a safe place to share and understand their feelings and experiences around divorce. I create a comfortable environment for children to express themselves and nurture healthy ways to cope. Children sometimes place the burden of divorce on themselves, resulting in feelings of guilt and responsibility. I help to clarify and educate children regarding these burdens.

I lead small and intimate Beyond Divorce Support Groups for adults dealing with the challenges of divorce. The groups encourage connection and help participants to feel less isolated. With an emphasis on developing healthy coping skills, individuals learn about the importance of self-care. Practical knowledge and education are also part of the discussions. With warmth and some humor the group can serve as a major support during a turbulent time.

Trained in collaborative divorce and child inclusive mediation and counseling, I bring sensitivity and skill to my interactions with families. My office is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, convient to the 86th Street subway. I also offer Skype sessions when appropriate.

Feel free to contact me at 212.472.3980.

7 East 85th Street, Suite 1A, New York, New York 10028, United States
  • Welcoming Upper East Side office ... Support is healing
  • Call for a free 15 minute consultation.
  • Skype sessions available
  • Licensed Psychologist Co- parenting & adults
  • Trained Child Therapist
  • Child inclusive Mediation & Counseling Training
  • Collaborative Divorce coach/child specialist Divorce support groups
7 East 85th Street, Suite 1A, New York, New York 10028, United States
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