Divorce Your Spouse, Not Your Dollars (DYSNYD) - Bonnie Sewell CFP®, CDFA®, AIF®

Divorce Your Spouse, Not Your Dollars (DYSNYD) - Bonnie Sewell CFP®, CDFA®, AIF®

202 Church Street SE STE 509, Leesburg, Virginia 20175, United States


In our 29th year of helping families get to the other side of divorce financially. Bonnie A. Sewell has been where you are and makes this her life's work. Bonnie speaks each month and is a national speaker on divorce. How can we help you?

When we do math modeling with couples going through divorce, nobody ends up in a financially stressed household. We'll show you how you and your spouse will pay your bills after the divorce and on what financial foundation you'll build future wealth. We start by creating what we call a base case - a model that shows where you are today as a couple and then where you're going as two separate people. You'll then want to share this model with your attorney because, armed with your divorce financial planner and our reports, you'll have the financial confidence to enter into negotiation. Call us today to avoid going into negotiations unprepared. Your financial future depends on it.

202 Church Street SE STE 509, Leesburg, Virginia 20175, United States
  • Divorce Financial Planning - before or during divorce
  • Testimony Prep & in Litigation - during divorce
  • Mediation and Litigation support - visual math modeling in real time during negotiations
  • Post-Divorce - after divorce financial guidance/planning and account management
3 Reviews
August 12, 2018
Exceptional and Compassionate
Bonnie Sewell is amazing! Bonnie has been my Financial Planner for the past four years. I had a difficult divorce and I credit Bonnie for where I am today (financially secure with a positive future ahead). She always listens and goes above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. Bonnie is always professional, clear and direct. She was able to work along side my lawyers to help attain the best possible financial outcome in my case. I would highly recommend Bonnie Sewell at American Capital Planning.
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Michael Fox
July 30, 2018
Literally invaluable counsel
After amonths of stalled settlement talks, my attorney referred me to Bonnie at DYSNYD. Combining her precise analytic tools and experience with Virginia settlement practices, an affordable and fair (to both my ex and me), settlement figure soon emerged. I’m even grateful my attorney referred me (would be moreso, if only he’d done it sooner)!
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Michael, thank you for sharing your experience. It's a pleasure working with you.
Laurie Demitry
July 30, 2018
Stay at home mom/RN
I was separated and working with a lawyer who really didn't seem to be able to answer any of the financial questions I had and didn't seem to have any financial questions for me either. It made me pretty nervous. An avid researcher, I knew there had to be someone out there who was addressing the financial implications of women in divorce so I asked the lawyer that very question. She mumbled something about Certified Divorce Financial Analysts and I scribbled it down. When I got home, I got to work. Somehow, I stumbled onto Bonnie's name and phone number and I have to say, it was, without a doubt, one of the best phone calls I have ever made in my life. After a few minutes on the phone, I knew she was the one I wanted to work with and that my husband and I had the best chance of having a mutually financially safe outcome with Bonnie. We contracted to work with Bonnie and despite her best efforts and lots of scenarios with lots of numbers and projected real outcomes, he was unable to commit to one. Every effort was made to limit the expensive legal route with all the baggage it brings with it but in the end, that's where we went. Bonnie continued to be a calm, solid advocate for me in an area I had little participation in during my marriage. After 3 less than helpful attorneys, Bonnie recommended the attorney who saw me through the divorce. I insisted that we ask the opposing attorney and mediation group to allow Bonnie to attend mediation with me and thankfully, it was allowed. Bonnie was as prepared as always with lots of numbers and financial information and there were several times during mediation that she was schooling the attorneys and the mediating judge on financial outcomes they were encouraging me to take that were not in my best interest. I looked to her for advice throughout and I know, without a doubt, I would not be as financially secure as I am without her having been there to make things easier for me to understand and therefore make informed decisions. I can't even convey the depth of my gratitude and respect for what she did for me and how utterly professional she was while doing it. She advocated for both of us during our contracted time and even went over our paid for hours to try to get us to a settlement without the legal chaos. Her partiality lies only with the numbers that make both parties financially safe and secure. While our final outcome did achieve that, it was a far more painful process than I or Bonnie wanted. I have many friends who are less than financially stable following divorce because they were bullied into accepting something that wasn't fair or they just walked away rather than engage in an area they knew little about and felt an equitable outcome was hopeless. I wish every woman could have the kind of support and educational guidance Bonnie provided for me during one of the most difficult times of my life. I am forever grateful and can't recommend her highly enough.
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Laurie, thank you for your kind words. I'm humbled by your generosity in sharing your experience.
202 Church Street SE STE 509, Leesburg, Virginia 20175, United States

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