Getting Ready to Move On - Monthly Divorce Support Group


This support group is all about YOU, where you experience a safe place to be where you are, in companionship with others committed to growing through this experience. This is where can get out the ruts of thinking and behavior that perpetuate pain and keep you stuck in it. As you learn to let go of what's not working for you, you'll be encouraged in setting new goals and taking action to achieve them. This meetup is for men and women considering divorce, in the midst of the process, or post divorced seeking support, encouragement, and a new way forward into your life's next chapter. It's about getting ready to move on. In each meetup, you are heard and validated, introduced to new perspectives, coached through your fears, guided to overcome the obstacles you see in your path, and challenged to set new goals to begin to inch your way forward. You'll develop a community of friends who identify with the pain and challenges of divorce and support you to grow in confidence and courage. Come join us.


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