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Can you keep your family home? Are you able to buy your spouse out? Will you be able to qualify for a mortgage on your own? What will your finances look like over time, if you keep the house, but forgo your share of other marital assets, such as a pension or 401K? These are important questions to consider. And the key to answering all of them starts with "How much is your house worth?" When you decide to divorce typically either you, your spouse, or both of you will have to move out of the family home. In approximately 61% of divorces a house is either bought or sold. Often the marital residence is the largest single asset, and what happens to it in your divorce is a major factor. Determining what to do can keep you up at night! That's where this complimentary comparable market analysis comes in. As an expert in divorce and real estate, I have been working with divorcing families and their housing needs since 2006. I know the key factors in determining the value of your home, and would love to meet with you and discussion your situation. I will listen to your overall goals, tour your home, share my experienced perspective, as well as run and analyze recent comparable sales -- putting it all into a Comparative Market Analysis for you. [If you are out of the Los Angeles area, do not despair, we can have our conversation about your goals over the phone, and I can connect you with an expert real estate agent who has experience with divorce in your area -- and we can work as a team.] It is in your best interest to know the value of your home. Whether you decide to keep it or sell it will be up to you. Let me help you to make an informed decision by offering a solid, reliable, professional valuation of your home. At no cost, and at no obligation.

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